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Miro Template for Agencies Presenting Different Mobile Application Types to Clients
Mobile Applications

Miro Template for Agencies Presenting Different Mobile Application Types to Clients

Client education is paramount to a successful project. It allows for trust and transparency to exist and fosters better collaboration. One topic that …

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Custom Web Development Case Study Example
Application DevelopmentTechnology

Custom Web Development vs. Off-the-Shelf Solutions: Why Going Custom Can Be a Cost-Efficient Choice for Scaling Businesses

Having a killer digital presence and a well established system for day-to-day operations is a must for businesses these days. But when it …

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What is a full-stack developer?
Application DevelopmentFull-Stack Development

Unveiling the Tech Maestro – What is a Full-Stack Developer?

You’ve likely encountered the term “full-stack developer” in tech discussions, job listings, or even during conversations at local networking events where the digital …

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What is web development?
Application Development

What is Web Development? Investing in Web Applications to Increase Operational Efficiency

Web development is a multifaceted discipline that empowers businesses and individuals with the transformative capabilities of web applications. Optimizing processes and enhancing efficiency are key to staying competitive in a crowded market.

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AI Revolutionizing Development - Human Brain in Collaboration with AI to develop applications
Application DevelopmentTechnology

AI: Revolutionizing the Development Industry, NOT Replacing It

Technology is ever-changing – anyone in the industry knows this very well. As developers, we know it’s a constant race to keep up. …

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Company News

Why We Changed Our Name After 15 Years

We’ve always embraced change, it’s one of our core values – aligning with our tailored agile methodology. So changing our name after nearly two decades isn’t too surprising.

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Application DevelopmentPlugin Development

Our View on Vue.js

As a developer here at Fabled Solutions, one of my favourite things to do is write code that can be used across many different …

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Application DevelopmentSoftware Integration

Variable Columns for Datatables

Most developers have used Datatables when they want to display large amounts of data, but what happens when the structure of that data is …

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Company EventsWeb Design

Feature: 21 Best Edmonton Web Design Firms

A local Edmonton blog has named Fabled Solutions as one of Edmonton’s best web design firm! With over a decade of building websites …

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Comparing Laravel to the Play framework

Web development has moved beyond what the best language for the job is (since they all contain many of the same features, just …

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Web Design

Do I need a new website?

So you got your website designed a few years ago, and since then your company has undergone several changes. The changes might vary …

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Project Management

Staff Meetings: Finding a Productive Balance

Here at Fabled Solutions, we value productivity. We always have several web development projects as well as internal initiatives on the go, and …

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