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AI Revolutionizing Development - Human Brain in Collaboration with AI to develop applications
Application DevelopmentTechnology

AI: Revolutionizing the Development Industry, NOT Replacing It

Technology is ever-changing – anyone in the industry knows this very well. As developers, we know it’s a constant race to keep up. …

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Company News

Why We Changed Our Name After 15 Years

We’ve always embraced change, it’s one of our core values – aligning with our tailored agile methodology. So changing our name after nearly two decades isn’t too surprising.

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Application DevelopmentPlugin Development

Our View on Vue.js

As a developer here at Fabled Solutions, one of my favourite things to do is write code that can be used across many different …

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Company EventsWeb Design

Feature: 21 Best Edmonton Web Design Firms

A local Edmonton blog has named Fabled Solutions as one of Edmonton’s best web design firm! With over a decade of building websites …

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Web Design

Do I need a new website?

So you got your website designed a few years ago, and since then your company has undergone several changes. The changes might vary …

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Project Management

Internal Meetings: Finding a Productive Balance

Here at Fabled Solutions, we value productivity. We always have several web development projects as well as internal initiatives on the go, and …

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Prototyping: Adobe Xd, Atomic and InVision

There are now numerous tools available online for prototyping websites, applications, and other online experiences. Each of these tools is relatively budget-friendly and …

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Project ManagementSoftware Integration

Using Slack for Team Communication

Staying on task in order to achieve big results is important to us here at Fabled Solutions. We recently grew from four team …

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Making Better Animations Using Scroll Magic Part 2

In my last blog about Scroll Magic ( I talked about a few things that will really help ease the stress of creating …

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Project ManagementSoftware Integration

Using Trello For Our Project Management

As digital process consultants it’s important for us to practice what we preach. We want our project management to be accessible, open, and effective …

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AnimationsPlugin Development

Falling Snowflakes WordPress Plugin

Some Holiday Cheer: A Free Falling Snowflake WordPress Plugin We have some pretty big fans of the holidays at our office, and this year we …

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Company Events

10 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Thursday, November 24th will be the 10th anniversary of Fabled Solutions! This milestone wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible support from our …

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