Falling Snowflakes WordPress Plugin

Some Holiday Cheer: A Free Falling Snowflake WordPress Plugin

We have some pretty big fans of the holidays at our office, and this year we decided to take some time and create something to celebrate the season. So we came up with the incredibly novel idea of a free WordPress plugin that added softly falling snowflakes to any website.

This idea was fun and exciting we got right to it and before you could say, ‘Merry Christmas’, the lightweight Snowflakes plugin was programmed and available for download as a WordPress plugin. Only after we had developed and uploaded the plugin did we realize that our idea wasn’t all that original and about a dozen other people had the same or a similar idea. Let this be a lesson to all of the would-be entrepreneurs out there: conduct a proper market analysis!

Our Snowflakes plugin does have some things about it that separates it from the other weather related plugins available.

  1. It is incredibly lightweight –  Without any bells and whistles at all, we developed this plugin to work seamlessly with any WordPress website. Simply activate and enjoy the relaxing effects of holiday cheer.
  2. It is ‘scientifically tested’ – We spent a healthy amount of the total project time debating snowflake falling speed, rotation,  and pathways. All of us have had a substantial amount of time living in snow falling climates (Edmonton experiences over 50 days of snow per year!), so we felt pretty qualified to make those important decisions.
  3. It is relaxing – Our snowflakes fall at one speed and one speed only: Light Flurries. This speed falls somewhere between a ‘dusting’ and a ‘blizzard’.
  4. It has its own website – We developed a Snowflakes website to really showcase the magic.

Despite entering a slightly crowded falling snow plugin market we had a lot of fun making this and hope that some people find it adds to their holiday cheer!

Join 200+ other users. You can download yours from your website’s dashboard (Plugins) or you can grab it from

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