A web and mobile application allowed MC Dispatch to scale their business and grow exponentially.

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Building for exponential growth

One of our ongoing software development partners is ‘MC’ Dispatch, Western Canada’s leading courier and logistics companies. In collaboration with MC, we helped revolutionize their business by building web and mobile applications to streamline and automate their complex and numerous processes. It was important to MC Dispatch to work with an Edmonton software development company, because a technology company based in Alberta would understand and be responsive to the needs of the business.

A streamlined user experience

Smart dashboards and the use of business intelligence allows for the MC Dispatch team to quickly and effectively make dispatch and logistics related decisions. The intuitive tile system receives live updates from the couriers’ mobile applications allowing management and the dispatch coordinators to make split second decisions that give MC Dispatch a competitive advantage.

Streamlining the MC Dispatch business process through digital automation has greatly reduced manual entry time. The system also integrates with the Quickbooks Online API in order to generate billing information for MC Dispatch’s customers and payment amounts for each of their couriers. This transfer of data is automatic, and Quickbooks Online takes care of the rest.

Designed for flexibility and customization

The web application also has a client portal that allows the customers to directly and easily create and track their orders. In addition, a customizable API allows for external customers to integrate directly into the MC Dispatch application.

The courier’s themselves use an Android mobile application that is directly connected to the MC Dispatch system and live updates the dispatchers and clients with the progress of the deliveries. The mobile app uses geofencing to ensure wait times are accurately and transparently tracked.


Android mobile application
Responsive web application
Digital signature capture
Live updating between mobile and web application
Wait time tracking Geofencing technology
Multiple smart dashboards for informed business intelligence
Admin and dispatch portals
Live updating dispatch boards
Account rectification automation
Highly customizable client profiles
Quickbooks Online Integration
Open API connection for clients

“The web and mobile applications Fabled Solutions has built for us have allowed our business to scale in ways we have always dreamed about. They’ve been with us every step of the way and are one of our most trusted partners.”
Co-Owner, 'MC' Dispatch

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