Why We Changed Our Name After 15 Years

We’ve always embraced change, it’s one of our core values – aligning with our tailored agile methodology. So changing our name after nearly two decades isn’t too surprising.

Technology companies have realized the importance of embracing change or they’ve found themselves treading water overnight. The pace of change seems frenetic right now in our industry, but we tend to forget the digital sector has always evolved (perhaps mutated is a more apt term given the rapidity and, at times, seemingly randomness of these changes). The prospect of change should not be a threat, it is where you need to thrive. At least, that’s how we’ve always seen things.

Over 15 years in digital technology has seen our business model change drastically from inception. Like most things online in the early 2000’s our identity wasn’t exactly clear. Even the products we built didn’t have shared definitions or boxes to fit into. Our name was a byproduct of this volatility and exciting time, and it allowed us to grow and succeed over the next decades.

But beyond ‘PDERAS’ being an interesting slice of our corporate history the name itself began to lag behind our identity. We realized how much we’ve changed since those early days and decided to find something that fit us now and would continue to fit us moving forwards.

Despite the technical changes there have always been constants. Values and mindset, culture, and the people we choose to work with are likely going to stick around, and our new name reflects these things. It’s not about what we build but what we are striving to build. We seek discovery. To push the boundaries of the products we create and how we deliver them. We seek something intangible, just beyond our grasp, but there on the horizon. You might not be able to define it, but you know the feeling of finding it. We seek to achieve results that make past problems seem trivial. We seek something of the highest quality, and we aren’t afraid to take unexplored roads to get there.

We are Fabled Solutions.

Written by: Nathan Plumb - Managing Director

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