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Are you looking to hire one of the leading agile, and customer-centric web application and software development companies in Edmonton, Alberta? Let Fabled Solutions handle your next project.

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We take an agile development approach

With the right digital solution, you can completely evolve your organization. Custom software applications provide businesses with tools that help streamline processes, provide insightful data, and promote customer engagement. Fabled Solutions is an award-winning app developer, we can create a custom solution that benefits your business.

Business Intelligence Tools and Smart Dashboards

Leverage business intelligence software that combines, stores, and analyses your data, and supplies insight. You can rely on these insights provided by smart dashboards to make intuitive, data-based decisions that drive your business forward. Fabled Solutions will equip you with the right cloud-based tools you need to grow your business and make intelligent business decisions.

Database Migration and Database Architecture Services

Do you need to move your data from one database to another? Are systems bogged down by an improperly designed database structure? Fabled Solutions can assist with your database migration and maintenance. We have decades of experience in database architecture and can help you migrate or optimize your data without issue.

Legacy Software Maintenance, Replacement, and Integration

With 94% of workloads hosted in the cloud in 2021, cloud solutions are dominating the digital world. Legacy software limits organizations from achieving their goals as they are unable to take advantage of new technology processes. Whether you are an eCommerce owner looking to scale, an entrepreneur interested in optimizing productivity, or an organization that wants to reduce traffic costs, our expert team will analyze your existing legacy software infrastructure and find an affordable way to realize your objectives.

Building Solutions, Tailoring for Growth

Fabled Solutions understands that IT and programming services go beyond just developing software or mobile applications. We dig deeper in creating custom solutions that solve real-life operational challenges. From ideation to conceptualization, execution to scaling, we leverage our database architecture background to help you achieve your business objectives.

Localized Talent, Never Outsourced

At Fabled Solutions, we do all our web application development and programming in-house, at our Edmonton office. Our team of highly experienced developers undergo rigorous selection processes and are hand-vetted and trained in tailored agile methodologies to produce the highest quality product.

Why us?

Choose Fabled Solutions

Fabled Solutions is an award-winning software and web application development company in Edmonton, Alberta. Here is why you should work with us:

We have a team of dedicated and experienced software developers headed by a management team with a combined 50 years of experience. With our wealth of experience, we understand how to avoid the challenges and pitfalls of a unique web application project.

Whether you are looking to build anything from a fintech product to an ecommerce web application, we have the know-how, experience, and tools to develop it for you.

At Fabled Solutions, we place a high priority on delivering not only what our clients want, but delivering insightful and meaningful contributions to the end goal of the project. We won’t just deliver your application, we will deliver you a better application. Over the years of working as a web and software development company, we have developed strategies that help us build the top, high-quality projects. More than that, we are a highly professional company with the desire to satisfy our customers and provide them with the solutions they need.

As a result, you can expect your project to proceed flawlessly. From ideation to deployment, your project will follow the agreed upon timeline, and exceed your expectations.

We are one of Canada’s top software development companies, and we have multiple awards to prove this. In recognition of our professionalism and high rate of customer satisfaction, among others, we are the recipients of Digital Alberta’s Ember awards for application development, website development and mobile application development. We pride ourselves on having a high approval rating among our customers and helping them find the right balance between what they need and what they want.

At the center of every one of our projects is the customer. We exist to serve you and help you accomplish your goals through digital products. Do you need a web application for running some of your business’s processes? We can help you. Do you need an upgrade or integration for your legacy software? We can help with that, too.


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