Sports Evaluations

Multi-Sport Team Selection and Scheduling Responsive Web App


Custom report building feature

Advanced analytics and customizable spreadsheets for custom report building feature

Real-time evaluation and team selection

Multiple member types and user permissions (e.g. sports organizations, evaluators, parents)

Automated tiered-team generation

Use of web sockets for real-time player registration update


The Sports Evaluations app addresses the need for fair and streamlined evaluation systems in the sports industry, not only in Alberta, but also across Canada. It revolutionizes the evaluation process and fosters equitable opportunities for athletes. We automated crucial processes such as camp configuration, participant setup, and schedule management. Gone are the days of endless and time consuming paperwork and logistical challenges.

Real-time evaluation and team selection is the pivotal feature in the Sports Evaluations app. Evaluators log into the app from their tablets or other mobile devices, and they input their assessments on the spot. All evaluations are done anonymously, only the player’s jersey number and colour are visible. Through advanced analytics and customizable spreadsheets, evaluators can then generate comprehensive reports that identify the best players for specific positions. This data-driven approach enhances decision-making and talent identification. The app’s ability to generate tiered teams based on skill level further streamlines the team composition process, ensuring balanced and competitive teams.

Another notable aspect is the ability for parents to access their child’s ranking for each skill and position. This instant feedback empowers parents to stay informed about their child’s progress and provides valuable insights into their development within the sport. Furthermore, the app caters to the diverse needs of different sports organizations. It allows for customization, enabling them to define specific evaluation criteria based on the requirement of each sport.

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