A Marketing Engagement and Lead Management Platform for the Real Estate Industry




B2B and B2C responsive web application

Reverse Engineered Mortgage calculators

Industry-related dashboards for clients to track their wealth, assess their financial standing, and make informed decisions

Customer data management

In-app messaging feature

Customizable communication features

Analytics and insight into client activity

Integration and API

User profile personalization

Client data storage


Nettrakk is a digital solution that allows real estate agents and mortgage brokers to drive engagement, build awareness, and nurture relationships with their clients and prospects. This unique and interactive marketing platform also serves as a value-add tool for existing and potential clients.

This web application was developed with extra focus on design and branding. The dashboard is visually appealing and easy to navigate with chart libraries and calculators. We reverse engineered trustworthy mortgage calculators and pre-payment calculators for clients to use.

Business Intelligence (BI)Tools Development

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