A sophisticated online quoting application reducing manual data entry and propelling continued growth for our client.

Logistics and ERP Web Application for Shipping and Long Haul Freight


Econofast Shipping Solutions


Building for exponential growth

PDERAS developed a logistics focused ERP web application for Econofast Shipping Systems called Fast CDRS. Econofast is a third party shipping provider located in Edmonton, AB. They have business relationships with approximately 30 different carriers and offer clients over 1 million combinations of routes and services. Their original business process included a series of large binders filled with rate sheets from all of their shipping providers. Although this approach worked for them, Econofast was ready to increase their efficiency through digitizing their manual process into a web application.

The web application we built automated their workflow, and what used to take their employees hours or days of flipping through binders and making phone calls, now takes them a matter of seconds. A main feature of the Fast CDRS online software is an advanced online database that accurately pulls information from each of their current rate sheets. The database is open to clients directly, and once all of the shipping information is entered, the web application generates possible shipping options with quotes available immediately. Letting clients access this web application directly through an online client portal has reduced even more admin time for Econofast.

A streamlined user experience

After an Econofast employee logs into the system, they can quickly view all submitted shipping requests right from the main digital dashboard. They can then go through each quote request in order to generate a Bill of Lading, and send each Bill of Lading to the appropriate shipping provider with the click of a button. As each shipping request is activated, they automatically move to a completed area –off of the main dashboard– and the client who submitted the shipping request is alerted that the shipment procedure has begun.

We worked with Econofast to ensure each area of the web application improved their workflow in some way. Custom functions were developed so that they ended up with a personalized logistics app that is completely suited to their business process.


Responsive web application

Admin dashboard

Client portal

Multiple smart dashboards for informed business intelligence

"The Fast CDRS web application Fabled Solutions developed for our business has been instrumental in making us a more effective and efficient company. We were able to greatly reduce the time it takes to quote and close shipping requests. There are so many future possibilities for this system and our business. We are excited to continue working with Fabled Solutions in the future!"
President, Econofast Shipping Systems

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