An integrated web application built to ease the process of signing certificates and documents after the sale of a vehicle.

Secure, Multi-Party, Integrated
E-Signature Application


First Canadian Insurance Corporation


Web Application


Secure Sign

Our client needed to incorporate a signing feature into their internal digital infrastructure that would allow users to request and send documentation to their clients, and other parties for signatures.

Secure Sign is fully integrated with a number of third party systems. These systems dynamically pull documents required for signing via APIs. Fabled Solutions built Secure Sign with a focus on integrity and security protocols. A number of third party security audits were conducted prior to Secure Sign accessing the market. Users are able to upload documents as well and distribute these to their clients in signing packages that bundle the documents together as required. Live document updating shows the status of signatures in real time.

Users are also able to request documents such as identification and void cheques from customers. Once a customer receives a link via email or SMS, they are able to upload documents accordingly. Users can then access the uploaded documents as they are completing the signing process to validate them.

Secure Sign provides a streamlined process for users to complete transactions conveniently through a secure platform, and then distribute the signed documents to financial institutions and signing parties as required.


Secure E-signatures
Dynamically controlled PDF documents
Live updating interfaces
3rd party integrations

Secure Sign has enabled us to become more efficient and integrated. Fabled Solutions has been an integral partner in this initiative and we appreciate their expertise and precision.
Senior Vice President

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